Sonni was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he studied graphic design and worked as an Art Director for animation and film companies, he resides in Brooklyn, New York. In his art, he is constantly searching for that lost moment in adolescence where adventure makes dreams a reality, where the imagination and playing develop invisible forces to re-capture those lost memories from your childhood. He works with different mediums that include paper and pencil, illustrator, acrylic on canvas, and wooden sculptures. Yet, his passion is to paint murals in public spaces, finding that dialogue with the public through primary colors and playfulness!

Solo Exhibitions:

Miami (FL), USA

Brought to Life
With Ramiro Davaro-Comas
Blanc Agency
Boston (MA), USA

Happy Friday 13th
With Grand Chamaco
Rojo Bermelo
Condesa, Mexico DF

Everyday Mooonday
Seoul, South Korea

Sonni at the School House
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Kosovo Gallery - December
Cordoba, Argentina

Carry the Fun
Pictoplasma NYC
My Plastic Heart - November
Manhattan (NY), USA

Street Symphony #1
Kid Robot - June
Miami (FL), USA

Let's Play
Primary Flight - May
Miami (FL), USA

El Diente de Oro
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Casita Pega!
Espacio Seis Punto Cero
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenas noches Trimarchi
Fabrica de Bananas
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Group Exhibitions:

Young New Yorkers Silent Art Auction - NYC, USA
Buzz Art Auction, The Ritz Carlton South Beach - Miami, USA

Young New Yorkers Silent Art Auction, Joseph Gross Gallery, Manhattan - NYC, USA
Hansky "Best of the Worst" Old LES Chase Bank, Manhattan - NYC, USA

The Future is Now - 60 Orchard st, Manhattan - NYC, USA
Paradise Lost - Canvasfab - Wynwood - Miami, USA
Concrete Era - WYN317 Gallery - Wynwood - Miami, USA
Street Murals - Be Electric Gallery - Bushwick - NYC, USA
Wat-aah!'s Taking Back The Streets - Artbeam - Manhattan - NYC, USA
Ñewmerica - The Birth Of a Nation - Exit Room - Bushwick - NY, USA
Outdoor Gallery - New York City's book Launch - 17 Frost St. - NYC, USA
Track1 - Exit Room - NY, USA

Sonni, Aaron Steward & Nile the Crocodie - reMadenyc - NYC, USA
Pictoplasma Group Exhibition - Cappelleni Gallery - Manhattan - NYC, USA

Gran Barata - Hic - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Scary Girl, Ten Year Anniversary - Toytokyo/Underground Gallery - Manhattan - NY, USA

Para mi gente - Primary Flight - Miami (FL), USA

Art Basel - Primary Flight walls - Miami (FL), USA
Piñatarama - Disfrito Federal, Mexico

Buenos Aires Underground - Subway Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sed Festival - Mar del Plata, Argentina
BankNotes Proyect – Ignite the Americas - Toronto, Canada
Ficus Repens – Palais de Glace - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Amigos de lo Ajeno – Galería Turbo (Doma) - Bs. As., Argentina
Supermarket / Revista Colectiva – GGG - San José, Costa Rica
Expo DIY / Nike Dunk – Galería Bond Street - Bs. As., Argentina
Tregua 01. Tdi – Escuela Superior de Música - Neuquen, Argentina

Juguetes / Revista Colectiva – MADC -San José, Costa Rica
PP Paper toy – 100% Loading - Taipei, Taiwan
Ciclica – Galpón Ferroviario, Mendoza, Argentina
Black / Revista Colectiva – San José, Costa Rica
Universos Grafica – CCEBA - Bs. As., Argentina
We Hate Glue – Marrs Bar - Alicante, Spain




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